There's a story behind every great business

First of all, ya gotta love what ya do. We do.

Once upon a time there was an exceptional Art Gallery in New York City and a successful Wholesale Gift business out of New Jersey. For relief from running the businesses we would come to Stowe to bask in the beauty of nature and good company. No have-to's for a while can help things settle and new ideas percolate.

We, Bernie Kuehn and Don Rowe, eventually decided to retire to Stowe after realizing that summers here are as amazing as winters are. But we gotta have something to do that's creative. We can't just sit on our duffs. So we bought a building to renovate and rent out. This is cool but what to do when it's done.

That was what started the emergence of, "This space is too nice to rent. Why not put the experience of two businesses into one store?" So the building wasn't rented. We kept it and opened in 1995. Then we gradually turned apartments into more shop and gallery space with a retirement penthouse to boot. Really, retirement is actually an oxymoron. If synapses don't get fired they go away. Not good!

Out of the old comes the new. With our evolutionary renovations of this 1857 historic building came an award from the Stowe Historical Society and now we have a complete home environment shopping experience with fine art using our knowledge and experience from Crossroads of Sports, the gallery in New York City, and 22 years of prior business selling to gift shops and at gift shows.

We've seen a lot and know what we like and what lots of other people like. So after many years here I'm still buying and selling and doing it in a really fabulous environment. Bernie has passed on peacefully and Brad Highberger has come along to add his creative touches and good eye in the purchasing, sales and advertising/graphics end of things.

Thank God we have similar enough taste and senses of humor that we can grumble in harmony or laugh with each other until we cry. It's still fun!!

Not to forget all the love and fun we get from Dickens, Pippen, Frolic and Eliza (Eliza passed on 6-4-09), our Norfolk Terrier promotional staff.

Hope you enjoy what we're doing as much as we do. Don

** View the pictures below to get a feeling for our shop. Remember that retail is ever changing with new products all the time and new display settings. **